Art Is More Than Just Decoration On Your Wall

Most people look at art as just decoration… but what most people don’t realize is that it can be SO MUCH MORE. Art can remind you of WHO YOU ARE at your deepest level.⁠

As an artist I was PROFOUNDLY inspired at the age of 19 after seeing Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. The energy & passion that Michelangelo put into his work is still moving & inspiring people to this very day, HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of years later!⁠

Imagine if you had a piece of art that was created JUST for you that lit you up inside each time you looked at it. ⁠

Just think for a moment about how much more exciting, inspiring & powerful your life could be if you connected deeply with your very own Personal Power Portrait each & every day.⁠

I can still feel how moved & inspired I was way back then when I first experiences art in this way. ⁠

Art isn’t just mere decoration. It is so so so much more… just as YOU are so much more. ⁠

It’s time to look at art the way it was meant to be… and in doing so, you’ll begin to look at life in a whole new way as well.⁠

Be POWERFUL Just As You Are…⁠

~Joan Marie

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