Meet Joan Marie

LIFE is MEANT to be FUN!.... Let’s make EVERY DAY a CELEBRATION!!… spreading the JOY of being alive!

 "If you want to see divinity: Joan Marie is a divine artist… is so extraordinary. She's able to talk to somebody (or listen to music you have given her), pick up their energy and bring their energy into the art work... allowing divine source to come through her…. It can truly bring blissful visual imagery into somebody's home...Her art is a vortex… quite literally, a spiritual vortex. It comes through her. I can't even put into words, it is so extraordinary."

Joan Marie’s intense dedication to art began in 1969 after being deeply inspired by Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Since then her artistic influence reached the lives of millions of people around the world with national and international representation in art licensing and a twenty-eight year career teaching. You may have seen Joan Marie’s art in print form on collector plates, stationery, puzzles, book or magazine covers and more, as her art has sold on millions of products around the globe and been collected in hundreds of private collections.

Galleries in Miami, Chicago, Denver, and St. Louis have enthusiastically displayed the radiant colors and explosive energy of Joan Marie’s original paintings. She has poured, tipped and thrown paint to transform the energy of her favorite songs into wild mystical abstractions. These explorations combined with romantic realism went on to create a magical mix of techniques seen in recent works. Fueled by ecstatic energy, she embeds positive subliminal messages into the intricate details of her work.

Dedicated to her own spiritual path, Joan Marie has focused on developing  a mindset of infinite possibilities and allowing the divine to flow through her. 

She received a BFA in painting and drawing from Washington University in St. Louis in 1973 and went on to obtain a MFA between the University of South Florida in Tampa in 1984 and Lindenwood University in St. Louis, MO, in 2009, where she focused on classical drawing skills.

Joan Marie shares in her work what she knows to be magical in life. We have the opportunity to choose what we create, whether choosing a piece art, or our lives.

Join the mystical and magical world of believing in the joys of life with Joan Marie!


We feel so blessed to share smiles!! George Hinds and I entertaining at Assisted Living homes. George sings their favorite songs as I jump around encouraging others to dance, clap, or smile and sing. These are such beautiful moments of joy.

My daughter, Brittany Bishop, was in town! We got to entertain together at an Assisted Living home!

They thought we had practiced and worked together for years! But it was our first time doing this together! She’s a natural! Oh the smiles all around were so heart-filling! We feel so blessed!

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