BE INSPIRED by Your Higher Self

Feel empowered and connected with your own intuitively created artwork.

As a spiritual seeker on the path to evolving and growing, you know the value of tools and techniques that connect you to your higher self. Because being the best version of you helps make the world a better place.

…Imagine being infused with cosmic wisdom, receiving energy through
art intuitively received just for you.

…Imagine if you could experience a beautifully created version of your higher self and divine essence, every day…

Experiencing the feeling of being uplifted, inspired, confident, and connecting with your personal power. expressed in your own intuitively created artwork.

As a classically trained artist with a gift for finding the magic in life, I’ll connect with you and your energy to beautifully express your higher self in an artwork created just for you.

You can choose to express your essence through an Eye Energy Portrait, find a print that inspires you, or create the ultimate expression of your higher self with a

Personal Power Portrait 

Find out more about working with me to create your very own uplifting, visionary artwork:

Let's Create Magic!


Hi ! I’m Joan Marie, a classically trained artist with a gift for expressing the divine.

I work with personal and self-development lovers and spiritual seekers like you to create personal artworks that express your higher self.

Because what is more extraordinary than loving yourself and serving others with your gifts?

My purpose as an artist is to add to your expansion of self
…To uplift and inspire you
…To connect you with your personal power
...To reflect your dreams with passion
...To express a vibrational match to the energy you feel
…To help you create magic by feeling inspiration in every moment

...And to have fun doing it, because life is meant to be fun.


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