Tap Into Your Higher Self

Imagine being infused with cosmic wisdom, receiving energy through
art intuitively received just for you.
A custom Personal Power Portrait shines a light on your spiritual essence.

Choose to express your higher self through your Spirit Animal,
or a vision uniting your face with your Spirit Animal,
encircled in your most inspiring energy, colors, and symbols.
Classically trained and Renaissance inspired,
Joan Marie intuitively captures your soul’s essence. 

Imagine being empowered by a reflection of who you are every time you view
your original portrait created just for you.
Explore the endless possibilities.

Create Magic!


"The Spiritual, Ecstatic and Mysterious
is only approachable through art."

Joseph Campbell

What is more extraordinary than loving yourself
and serving others with your gifts.

My purpose as an artist is to add to your expansion of self
...To reflect your dreams with passion
...To express a vibrational match to the energy you feel.

Let's create magic by feeling love in every moment.
And always remember: Life is meant to be fun.