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Creating "ART that CELEBRATES!, prolific artist, Joan Marie, launches new designs featuring fine art images, including owls, wild cats, women, kittens, and unicorns, combined with vibrant abstract designs for an explosion of PURE JOY and INSPIRATION! Licensing is Joan’s passion, creating art that raises the world’s happiness level every day.



Raising the world’s happiness level one product at a time, iconic artist, Joan Marie’s retro and colorful, spirit-lifting art is gaining new popularity for products.

Joan Marie has reinvented herself with a unique style that unites the explosive energy of her abstract art with the passionate detail of her classically trained paintings.

Joan’s electric style draws a wide audience from tweens to spirited adults and includes many themes she has successfully created before, including birds, owls, wolves, wild cats and her breathtakingly sensuous women.

Joan recently announced a new line of children’s T-shirts with Air Waves for her hypnotic and mesmerizing cat collection.

New manufacturers who are looking to license Joan Marie’s contemporary and sophisticated designs and palette will find plenty of new art to choose from.  Some of the collections are available on her website,, and more will be seen in June, at the 2017 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.  

 Joan Marie’s Background

A recognized brand for decades, Joan Marie began her licensing career nearly 25 years ago when she sold millions of products with her images on stationery, back-to-school, wall art, gift and novelty items around the world. A few of her largest licensees included The Hamilton Collection, Air Waves Inc., and the American Puzzle Company.

 A prolific artist deeply driven to express the joy she feels about life, Joan Marie’s art has evolved through several successful styles. Early in her career she sold realistic and classic technique oil paintings, both originals and through licensing. Then her gallery success and commissions continued through a ‘purely abstract’ season.

Live audiences and YouTube viewers love watching her painting process, if one can call it that. It’s more like a spirited dance as the animated explosion of colors takes to the canvas.

CONTACT for licensing - Joan Marie, 835 Country Heights CT, Ballwin, Mo. 63021.

Tel- 636-207-7834. Email- Website-

Licensing EXPO, Las Vegas, 2015

Media Contact

Joan Marie
(636) 207-7834
835 Country Heights Court
Ballwin, Missouri, 63021


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The Official Publication of Licensing EXPO: The Source for Licensing & Retail Intelligence June 9, 2015, Day 1, Licensing EXPO 2015, Las Vegas

 Java Journal, February 2008

The Pride, May 2003


The Growl, May 2004



Artist's Statement

Exhilarated by the joys of daily living, my goal is to express this celebration of life. My desire is to add more smiles, joy, and inspiration to our everyday lives through my art.

I combine my classical fine art training with the fearless vitality of abstract painting.  This allows me to express two lush extremes of our human existence.

It starts with delicately forming one careful stroke at a time to express the passionate soul of an eye. A delicate image which I wanted to capture in its exact likeness. Then juxtaposing this sensitive painting against the wild and vibrant energy of my abstractions, which are created with excited fists full of electric paint.

All of this is inspired by epic music, visions in my head and the desire to have FUN! Viola! A painting capturing both the calm deep beauty of love in our hearts and the crazy-fun of feeling wild and free on the dance floor.

How many people can say they create in both fine art and abstract images?  It’s amazing that it took me so long to mix messages, but my soul has a way of fusing what is inherently different…into something totally unique, like me.



As a college student, Joan Marie was awestruck by Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. Profoundly moved, she thought "if art can be that powerful, I must be a part of it." From that day it has been her purpose to visually express the positive explosive energy within her. Her art career began with inspired ethereal drawings. Quickly these drawings received national and international agency representation. As a result, her work was licensed by multiple companies for 15 years, selling millions of products such as collector plates, transfers, stationery, puzzles, etc: gracing dozens of books and magazine covers, and purchased by hundreds of private collections around the world.     

While writing her book, “Living Your Life on Fire (from insecurity to Wild confidence)”, She discovered the excitement of creating explosive high-energy abstract paintings. Inspired by music, she created Abstract “Music Paintings”. She intuitively transformed the energy of one’s favorite song into a wild and mystical abstract painting. An exciting ride began. Within months of creating her abstracts, they were shown in galleries in Miami and Chicago, and in Denver and St. Louis in one-man shows, quickly followed by other successful group shows. The response was explosive, filling Joan with elation that her art had found a new exciting future. But while commissions, sales, and applause was exhilarating, her abstract expressions felt incomplete. Viola! To fully express the Celebration of Life, combining her two passions was the fulfilling solution. Juxtaposing the delicate and loving realism from her fine art training, with the wild and fun energy of abstraction expresses the best of both worlds in one powerful expression.

Today with this impassioned energy, she is returning with her new electric style, to the industry that makes her heart sing – licensing: Seeking companies to display her art on mugs, shirts, greeting cards, bedspreads, etc. etc.

Creating inspired art is her daily coffee and passion. She just MUST share the FUN! 

Joan Marie received her BFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis, and her MFA from Lindenwood University and the University of South Florida in Tampa. St. Louis is her home again. She spent her formative years in Tampa, Florida; Sedona, Arizona; and LA, returning home where her goal is to electrify and energize the viewer’s spirit to be all they can be!